Pacific University Admin Building (Former Library), 21st Avenue & College Way, Forest Grove, Oregon

The building located at 21st Avenue and College Way is an existing one-story unreinforced brick building which is part of the greater Pacific University campus in Forest Grove, Oregon.  The existing building exterior walls were constructed primarily of two wythes of brick for most of the structure and partially of existing concrete masonry in other areas.

The purpose for using SR Foam on this specific project was to tie the existing two wythes of brick together at the exterior east wall facing the street and then tie the composite strengthened unreinforced brick wall to a new steel stud strong-back wall. 

Since the wythes of brick had a 1 inch separation gap between them,  SR’s TR Wall System was utilized to bond the wythes of brick together.  Once the two wythes of brick were tied together, then additional foam was installed between a new steel stud strong-back wall at the interior face of the east wall utilizing SR’s BW Wall System.

Overall, approximately 727 cubic feet of SR Foam was utilized for this project saving the owner from a more expensive alternate of strong-backing the existing east wall with mechanical anchorage or other means that would not provide a continuous bond of the existing wall to the new strong back wall.

Project Completion:  

August 2013