About Us


SR Contractors, LLC was originated on the idea of using new materials to solve old problems. The founder’s sought to structurally reinforce older buildings without disrupting their historical heritage. In 2002 a group of structural engineers had an idea to utilize structural foam materials as an effective way to strengthen unreinforced masonry and concrete buildings. Through much testing and evaluation, SR Contractors, LLC developed the required processes for the application of the specialized structural SR Foam.

SR Foam is used to restrain existing walls from collapse, anchor materials to structural elements and provide a way to cost effectively enhance an existing buildings ability to resist seismic forces, primarily, but with increased capacity for other code level design forces as well.

Besides being built of heavy and often brittle materials, masonry and concrete buildings do not perform well according to current energy codes. Masonry and brick do not absorb energy in the way that current energy codes can quantify. The strength and ductility of the SR foam that resolve the structural issues come with good energy absorption qualities, that can be measured under current energy codes, as an added benefit. 

SR Foam is a closed cell material that has the added benefits of being able resist moisture intrusion, reduce sound transmission and provide additional insulation value to building (R-7 per inch of thickness). The highly adhesive nature of the SR Foam provides a structural performance with factors of safety in excess of 30, and is typically much less labor intensive to competing technologies, saving time and costs.