About Us


SR Contractors, LLC was founded on the idea of using new materials to solve old problems. A few years ago, a group of engineers at Miller Consulting Engineers, Inc. had an idea to utilize structural foam materials as an effective way to strengthen unreinforced masonry and concrete buildings.

After much development, testing, and evaluation, SR-Contractors, LLC has developed the application to use a specialized structural foam called SR Foam to restrain existing walls from collapse, anchor materials to structural elements, and provide a way to cost effectively enhance an existing buildings ability to resist seismic forces as well as other code level design forces.

Due to the strength, ductility, and energy absorption properties of SR Foam, existing materials that are otherwise brittle, heavy and lacking energy absorbing properties can be made to provide energy absorption.

Utilizing a closed cell structural foam material has the added benefits to resist moisture intrusion, reduce sound transmission, and provide insulative properties.  The highly adhesive nature of the foam provides a structural performance with factors of safety in excess of 30, and is typically much less labor intensive to competing technologies, saving time, and costs.

Who we are...

  • SR Contractors, LLC is a specialty contractor dedicated to providing cost-effective techniques for the repair of unreinforced masonry, concrete and stone structures.  Our highly qualified team has over 20 years of experience in the construction industry, and in adhesive cellular foam
  • Our products have a proven track record, and are backed by structural engineering and structural testing.  At the heart of the system is SR Foam.  SR Foam is a specialized structural foam adhesive that offers superior performance as a structural anchorage system, and has additional side benefits including moisture resistance and insulation properties, (R=7 per inch of thickness).
  • Our products are compliant with the International Building Code, and are recognized as a component to enhance energy efficiency of buildings to qualify for Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED).

The System...

The SR Systems come in a variety of different configurations to provide enhancement and insulation to existing structures.  With SR Systems the existing building walls remain intact.  SR Foam is used as an adhesive and bearing material to allow structural loads to transfer to structural elements.

Although the SR Systems have value added features like noise reduction and highly insulative properties, its primary purpose is to enhance the structural integrity of buildings in order to make them safe.

Our Role...

At SR Contractors, LLC we do the legwork for you.  We install the system, as well as provide submittals, technical data, inspections, shop drawings, specifications, quality control, and technical support.  We have structural engineers available to us, or we can work with other engineers and architects to facilitate the completion of work.