MCE Wall System

The MCE System is highly effective in strengthening cavity walls against seismic loading. By injecting the cavity with the highly ductile SR Foam adhesive material, we are able to utilize composite action that provides a substantial increase in capacity to withstand seismic or other short term loading.

This system is especially well suited for walls constructed of clay tile and has the ability to perform well with other types of masonry materials.

Since this system has no formwork or external reinforcing it is very cost effective and has minimal impact to the building walls. This system provides excellent wall reinforcing, and can be installed with minimal impact to external wall finishes.

Key Advantages:

  • Minimum impact to exterior finishes of cavity walls
  • Does not require additional floor space
  • Minimal mechanical connections required (if any) 
  • May be installed in limited access locations
  • Provides excellent energy absorption and strength for resisting out-of-plane and in-plane seismic and other short term loads
  • Cost effective design minimizes labor and makes this system economical