BSW Wall System

The BSW wall systems are designed to resist out-of-plane soil and seismic loads. These walls are ideally suited for the repair of unreinforced masonry or concrete basement walls. The BSW walls are constructed with metal or wood studs and use SR Foam as a bearing/anchorage adhesive. Sheathing used with the SR Foam serves two purposes. The sheathing provides a backing surface to restrain the wall surface, and is developed as a shear wall element to resist in-plane wall seismic forces. 

Key Advantages:

  • Excellent structural capacity to resist out-of-plane and in-plane wall forces, and eliminates the expensive removal and reinstallation of concrete walls
  • The wall system is often used for shear wall applications
  • The BSW wall provides a wall cavity available for future electrical wiring, piping or other mechanical systems