Technical Information

Design Information - Detailed information for design professionals that are looking for specifications, design aids, and sample cad drawings for use on new products.

Brochures - One page flyers on some of the SR Foam applications

Services - Some of the services provided by SR Contractors for your project

SR Foam General Properties

  • SR Foam is a rated insulator for the exterior walls on your project with a K-factor of 0.165 which is a R-Value of a little more than 6 per inch of SR Foam thickness
  • SR Foam is fire resistant with a Flame Spread rating of less than 15 and a Smoke Density rating of less than 300
  • SR Foam uses a third generation blowing agent featuring zero ozone depletion technology
  • SR foam provides a continuous reliable bond to many substrates
  • SR Foam flows and expands to provide a continuous bond to irregular surfaces