TR Wall System

The TR System is used in situations where high strength and insulation is necessary. The TR system is well suited where wall systems need to be installed in the vertical position, and can not be constructed in a horizontal position and lifted in place. The TR System is constructed as a structural wall, then, SR Foam is installed in the cavity between studs. The TR System provides exceptional load capacity by providing a highly adhesive bond to the wall, substantial lateral bracing for reinforcing studs, is highly insulated and provides resistance to both out-of-plane and in-plane wall loads.  

Key Advantages:

  • High Load Capacity for in-plane and out-of-plane wall loads
  • High insulation values for sound reduction or thermal properties The TR wall system has an R-value exceeding 28
  • TR wall can be used to provide in-plane or out-of-plane seismic or wind loads
  • May be constructed in locations of limited access
  • The SR Foam is code compliant and does not contain CFC blowing agents or other Ozone depleting substances
  • The SR Foam has a flame spread rating of -75 and a smoke density rating of 350 as measure per ASTM E-108
  • Walls are designed to have a deflection limitation of 1/600 of the span or to other deflection limits deemed appropriate by the engineer of record