BW Wall System

The BW System is a structural system intended to provide reinforcing for unreinforced masonry and unreinforced concrete walls. The BW System is designed to withstand seismic and wind forces to provide out-of-plane and in-plane load resistance. The BW wall system utilizes a conventionally framed wall constructed with wood or metal studs and plywood sheathing. The reinforcing wall can be designed and detailed as a shear wall to withstand in-plane wall forces, or can be used to carry out-of-plane wall loading to prevent collapse of an otherwise unreinforced masonry or concrete building.

Within the BW wall system the SR Foam acts as an adhesive bonding material and connects the existing unreinforced wall to a reinforcing stud wall. The use of SR Foam in this application eliminates the need to install large numbers of discrete fasteners, reducing labor costs on a project. Since the SR foam is bonding the entire wall surface, a continuous connection at all locations on the wall surface is developed.system tends to be highly the anchorage is highly redundant as compared to systems with discrete fasteners, areas of weakness in the masonry materials can be more easily tolerated.  

The SR Foam has strength to bond and restrain concrete and masonry walls, and has the flexibility to tolerate wall movement as a result of thermal movements. The properties of the SR Foam helps to make the existing wall provide moisture proofing water resistance to the wall. The SR Foam is a closed cell material, and thus is an excellent insulator material.

Key Advantages:

  • Excellent structural capacity for out-of-plane and in-plane seismic and wind forces, protecting the structure from collapse
  • May be used in shear wall applications
  • Provides a cavity wall for future electrical wiring, plumbing or other mechanical systems