The wall applications developed by SR Contractors utilize the inherent properties of SR Foam to provide strength of structural loading, and significant insulative properties. The final result is a tested system that can be installed in a variety of wall applications with minimal labor with excellent insulative properties.

MCE Wall System

The MCE System is highly effective in strengthening clay tile, and other masonry, cavity walls against seismic loading. When the SR foam is injected in the cavity, the highly ductile SR Foam adhesive material creates a composite element with the clay tile or masonry that provides a substantial increase in seismic and other short term load capacity. Since this system has no formwork or external reinforcing it is very cost effective and does not require the reduction in useable finished floor space that occurs with other reinforcing methods used for reinforcing cavity wall systems.

MCE Wall System

BSW Wall Systems

The BSW wall systems are designed to resist out-of-plane soil and seismic loads on walls below grade and are most often used for the repair of unreinforced masonry, clay tile or concrete basement walls. The BSW walls are constructed with metal or wood studs and use SR Foam as a bearing/anchorage adhesive. The sheathing used with the SR Foam provides both a backing surface to restrain the foam expansion, and can be designed as a shear wall element to resist in-plane wall seismic forces.

BW Wall Systems

The BW System is a structural system intended to provide reinforcing for un-reinforced and under-reinforced masonry and concrete walls above grade. The BW wall system utilizes a conventionally framed wall constructed with wood or metal studs and plywood sheathing. The reinforcing wall can be designed and detailed as a shear wall to withstand in-plane wall forces and can also be used to carry out-of-plane wall loading to prevent collapse of an otherwise unreinforced masonry or concrete building. The use of SR Foam in this application provides continuous bond to the concrete or masonry and eliminates the need to install large numbers of discrete fasteners, reducing labor costs on a project.

TR Wall System

The TR System is used in situations where high strength resistance to in- and out-of-plane loads and rated insulation levels are necessary. The TR system is well suited where wall systems need to be built in place to full height vertically and cannot be constructed in a horizontally on the ground and lifted in place. The TR System consists of a structural wall with sheathing on the building interior face. The SR Foam is installed in the resulting cavity behind the sheathing, filling between studs and the gap between the studs and the wall needing reinforcing. The TR System provides exceptional load capacity by providing a highly adhesive bond to the wall and substantial lateral bracing for reinforcing studs while also providing high R-value insulation.

SR Veneer Attachment

The SR Veneer Attachment utilizes SR Foam as a continuous adhesive layer between the structural wall and the veneer. The SR Veneer Attachment provides high insulation properties, is less expensive than traditional anchorage methods and provides a continuous anchoring system. It can be used in both new and existing construction.

Veneer Attachment