The applications developed by SR Contractors utilize the inherent properties of SR Foam to provide strength of structural loading, and significant insulative properties. The final result is a tested system that can be installed in a variety of applications with minimal labor with superior insulative properties.

TR Wall System

The TR system consists of a reinforcing stud wall with the cavity between studs filled with SR Foam.  This method is particularly suited for installations with limited access where stud walls can not be pre-sheathed and lifted in place. The TR system also provide increased insulative properties.

MCE Wall System

The MCE system consists of filling hollow cavity walls to allow the SR Foam to bond both sides of the cavity wall allowing an solid durable matrix that has enhanced strength and durability properties.

BSW and BW Wall Systems

The BW system is designed to reinforce single wall concrete and masonry construction.  The SR Foam is used as an adhesive layer between masonry and concrete walls that anchors the existing concrete or masonry walls to the reinforcing stud wall sheathing.  This system provides a stud wall cavity that can be used for plumbing, electrical and mechanical chase.

The BSW system is an adaptation of the BW wall system specialized for use with basement walls.  The BSW system has provisions for additional connections and restraint to resist soil loads in additional to seismic and other forces.

Veneer Attachment

SR Veneer Attachment

The SR Veneer Attachment utilizes SR Foam th provide a continuous adhesive layer between a structural wall and a veneer.  The SR Veneer attachment can be used in new and existing construction.  The SR Veneer Attachment provides high insulation properties, is less expensive than traditional anchorage methods, and provides a continuous anchoring system.